Feb 25, 2020; COVID 2019, Code Yellow, Waiting……

All eyes fixed on the COVID 2019 disaster rolling our way.
Gentle reminder Cherished Four, You ain’t seen nothing yet.

“A corrupt political response occurs when a political leader sacrifices national interest for regime or bureaucratic interest … when a constructed narrative of “Yay, Calm and Competent Control!” is maintained for the political benefit of the Leader at the expense of the Led.

Oh, the Leader and his flunkies will convince themselves that the narrative “is in the public interest” … that the narrative will “buy them time” … that the narrative is necessary because “the other side” would do the same or worse if given half a chance. It’s all the excuses that all the Renfields to all the professional politicians tell themselves as they slowly sell their souls. It’s what every President and every Director-General and every Senator and every CEO eventually comes to believe, that their personal interests are identical to “their” people’s interests.

Corrupt political responses occur all the time. Literally every day, all over the world. It’s not a left/right thing. It’s not a Democrat/Republican thing. It’s not a Chinese thing or an American thing or a Russian thing. It’s a power thing. It’s a high-functioning sociopath thing.”

~ Ben Hunt, from article The Fall of Wuhan.

The past week or so I’ve been fixated on “our” Gov’ts response (Canada, Excited States, Europe). Its pathetic.

Grossly under prepared and grossly out of their league. Sure great job at sustaining the financial narrative, but to act in response to their own citizens dangerous situation? They couldn’t operate a garage sale. And that is because they have evolved out of a political system that rewards only one thing. Keep the financial narrative alive. Its all about Jaawbs! When it isn’t. Its about leading towards the best future possible with the tools available.

Consider this my Cherished Four, We actually have some experience with pandemics, and lots of lip service to infrastructure response. Do you see it in front of you? When this finally hits these Gov’ts will begin to prepare as if they were warned yesterday, instead of 6 weeks ago. Watch these shortfalls become self evident -Test kits – don’t have and those we do don’t seem to work that well, Medical supplies (masks) nada, Health care providers safety? Ability to quarantine? Courage to quarantine?

And we criticize the Chinese response? In a few months lets revisit this one.

In the meantime its important to remember this; If they can’t deal with this? How exactly do you see them dealing with Climate Emergency, Biosphere Collapse, Peak Oil, etc?

Ignore? Sweep under the rug? Deny? Outright Lie? Oh yeah, they’ve been doing that for a generation.

Our best recourse, look after ourselves.

The reality, again;

  • Infection status can go beyond 24 days. But here in North America, we still talk 14 days.
  • It is aerosolized. Passed in tiny particles and carried in the air.
  • Asymptomatic transfer (showing no symptoms) is evident. Completely ignored by our North American health officials.
  • R0 is above 2, could be above 10.
  • Any situation that puts people in close contact with others is a great way to spread the COVID2019: hospitals, plague ships, factories, army dormitories, airplanes, now prisons.
  • Testing being deployed is expensive, not available in quantities required, leads to false negatives, often multiple times.
  • Supply chains are unraveling. This will be the new term of the generation as our teetering economies tip.
  • This is a pandemic.

COVID-19 Reality

Dr Chris’s latest.

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You Really, Really should be preparing.

Wrap it up….please

Back on Feb 7/20 I suggested this;

“In the short term I expect:

  • We will be in a Denial fight. Raging discussion back and forth on how bad it is, what to do, who to blame. Get over it. 2019 nCoV is now a thing. Get ready.
  • We will begin to be inundated with all sorts of vile, useless shite from every conceivable media option.
  • Politics will rear its ugly head; blaming, quarantine, major distrust.
  • Fear will begin to rumble. This will manifest in all sorts of ugliness.
  • Financial klaxons will begin to be heard. The stock market is going to reset down. More importantly all governments will have their hands full keeping their propped up economic system, propped up.

A sane response would be:

  1. Continue your preparation. Secure financial assets (get out of the stock market). Have cash available.
  2. The best way to stay out of this horror is to not be in the middle of it. Prepare and plan ahead.
  3. Prepare to self quarantine as need be, when required. Watch for the pandemic to be within 150 km of you. Have a plan for when it does.
  4. We need to prepare for something that could last 12-18 months or longer. This being a far cry from two weeks. Get your seed packages in place.
  5. We need to still have a life as you define it, as best you can, whilst all this rages around us. If we end up living the life shown in pictures coming out of Asia, we are about to be tested as no generation has since WW2.

Nothings changed other than we are seeing our leaders unravel a bit here. Their inability to deal with this steamrolling shit show, in addition to being unable to control the narrative, is becoming more evident. I don’t believe it will evolve into sanity, rather the opposite.

And now the blaming begins…..

Not much for us to do about that now.

Prepare, Stay healthy, Continue to be resilient.

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