Feb 5, 2020; 2019 nCoV – Pandemic Update – Code Yellow

I am about to exhibit an unseemly display of emotions. This being an Ongoing Daily Basis mindset. I’m also considering a censored version of these posts. One straight from the mouth so to speak and one for the more delicate natured. (Hi Mom! Since you’re not reading either, I may hold off)

WT living F!! We have warmed the planet to cataclysmic levels, made our water, air and food unfit to consume, decimated the worlds insects, animals and fish. No worries Mate!

And now we see another world wide disaster unravel real time. Our leaders only response, Save the Economy, (which they screwed up by printing shit tons of money).

Today’s “official” numbers from John Hopkins map
Looks like a Moon Shot to me.

Its truly a world gone mad over money…

I think it will help to accelerate the return of jobs to North America, some to the US and some to Mexico as well” Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said, Jan 30, 2020.…

It’s not a catastrophe. It’s not a disaster……We’ve been through this before and I just think the impact is minimal.” White House Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow, Feb 4, 2020

Major indexes rose on speculation that economic growth will prove to be resilient as fiscal and monetary policies blunt the impact of the corona virus outbreak on China’s economy.~ From the front page of the Wall Street Journal Market Data page.

It seems the only way to stop this virus is to STOP the transfer between people. Simple.

‘Cept business as usual folks! I’m seeing enough “maybes” coming out of China to frighten me. Enough to think, OK, if quarantine is the best method, Why are we still bringing in planes from China?

Or, if this was my house would I accept people straight off a plane from China?

Absolutely! Categorically! No Way!

So why are we?

This from the South China Morning Post.
Numbers that the “Party” has allowed to be released.
I get this? 99.5% of others don’t.
Why is this not a Shut the World Down for 2 weeks scenario?
$$$$$$$$$$$$$ !

Straight from propaganda central’s website today….I’ve been to the hospital a few times… never seen the likes of this.


Dr Chris speaks volumes of bad news….and I continue to prepare and warn and write.


There is enough of the bad news stories coming out of China and its neighbours to warrant a complete shutdown of air travel. And then a Tar and Feather parade for Officials at the WHO, Canadian authorities, US authorities, European authorities and whoever else has towed the line to the Financial, rather than Human Health sides of this continuing CLUSTERFUCK of response on display. We call them our leaders. They couldn’t manage a Garage Sale.

Tencent numbers
  1. Tencent may have accidentally leaked real data on Wuhan virus deaths. by Taiwan News. This should be taken with the same salt shaker you are using for the grains used to consume other reports from China. However there is just too many similar stories coming from there. So if the numbers coming from China officially are equal to one and the real numbers as seen in the above article are 10, and the reality is somewhere in the middle, this is going to deliver a world of hurt. We will need to see what happens to the infections as they leave China. That will produce real numbers (from some transparent Country, yet to be determined). Likely best to be prepared.
  2.  Wuhan Corona Virus Likely to Soon be a Pandemic by Science Alert.
  3. Coronavirus quarantine precautions around the world by The Guardian.
  4. Coronavirus could be unkillable: top Taiwanese researcher. by Taiwan News. Watch the world scramble for a new vaccine. Won’t have time for proper testing, as the panic ensues. You first.
  5. Coronavirus: infant tests positive just 30 hours after birth. by SCMP
  6. China adds new symptoms to coronavirus diagnostic list. by SCMP. It can be transmitted thru feces.
  7. “Made in China” Economic Hit Coming Right Up. by Mishtalk. All indicators are this is going to be much bigger than a “not as harmful as the flu scenario.”
  8. “Unprecedented” Locust Invasion Approaches Full-Blown Crisis. by Scientific American. More on yesterdays article. This is going to be very bad for a wide swath of the Middle East, Eastern African, Pakistan and India.

Financial (roller coaster)

  1.  Economic Implications of the Corona Virus. by Rabobank Research
  2. Hyundai, Kia suspend some production lines amid coronavirus-triggered crunch. Don’t all automotive factories get parts from China? Isn’t the Auto industry numero uno for the health of our economy?
  3. Prelude to a Chrisis. by John Maudlin. And this penned without a lot of corona virus details. Basically a tear down of the shitty shape the US and Worlds economies are in. Cannot print money forever.

Society (ills)

  1.  Noam Chomsky: Sanders Threatens the Establishment by Inspiring Popular Movements. by Noam Chomsky. When Noam speaks we should listen. This is more of an commentary of the Rich not ever going to give up their strangling of our economy for their benefit.
  2. A U.S. court blamed Roundup for causing cancer. Then Canada defended the herbicide, emails show. by CBC. Agriculture Canada says herbicide is crucial for modern farming, despite ‘stakeholder concerns’ over safety. Canada is looking more and more like the Grand Protectors of Make Money at All Cost. We can eat for a few more years but, everything will be dead or dying of some horrific cancer.

Peak Oil/Energy

  1.  Oil flips into contango, indicating months of surplus. This bodes ill for the US shale play, already teetering.

Wrap it up….please

There are times when I think,” Why do I spend so much time on these issues”?

That’s just me and my penchant for reading, trying to understand the What Why and How of pretty near anything I come across (self-identified cereal box reader). Just because.

I get that others aren’t like this.

So if consistently the sound of crickets accompanies my every attempt to cajole, warn, inform and is met with the blank stare of livestock animals, why bother? Easier to blame the Muslims, Chinese, immigrants, fake news, whatever, whoever. And continue my life glued to sports, fashion, home decorating, resort vacations and easy living. Shoot me!! I’d rather know.

Cause I plan on standing to see this unravel as best I can. And prepare accordingly.

Tar and Feather the Bastards.

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