Jan 30, 2020 – 2019 nCoV Pandemic Update – Code Yellow

“… Summary: no panic, but vigilance. Same as every other day. And not too much focus on money and profits. 2019-nCoV doesn’t care about those either.” ~ Raúl Ilargi Meijer

10 day summary of the Chinese contagion.
(based upon their numbers of course)

Today’s the day I believe that the WHO declares this something. Who knows WTF they are doing? Remember this is all about trying to save a teetering world economy. They will declare, only when they deem it so bad they have to. As will our own Govt. Still allowing flights into Canada. WTF!!

Confirmed cases as of this morning.
This taken from the John Hopkins map
Find it here.

Nothing much has changed from our Western perspective. A few more localized cases popping up. When you see how fast it’s spreading in China, (in addition to I don’t believe those shitheads in China), and the future looks grim. Once that bottom trend line starts following the Chinese line, we in the West will have reason to seriously worry.

Today, further proof it’s getting worse vs slowing down. We are OK so far in North America. When we see a trend line similar to the above John Hopkins map in our local area, then it will be time to set your status to red alert. Continue to prepare yourself. Masks are getting in short supply.



Remain calm.

I will continue to post during the day as new information comes in.


  1.  2019 nCoV. by Raul Ilargi Meijer. Some sobering stats and info
  2. Hubei has a severe shortage of medical supplies, says governor. Remember the face masks you were advised to get your hands on, but didn’t think it was that bad??

Financial Chaos

  1. Has the Global Economy Finally Exhausted its Good Luck? by Charles Hugh Smith . The irony is that the more knowledgeable the individual, the more they understand the role of luck in avoiding failure or catastrophe. The less we know, the more trusting we are in compelling illusions of safety and security.”

Its never ceases to amaze me when otherwise smart people. (judged by their money making attributes and or stuff) are completely clueless. Not thinking this was that serious. Just because you have a bunch of shiny shit, doesn’t preclude you from natural physical disasters. In spite of your big house, shiny truck and fancy electronic gadgets.

We will begin to see the true definition of culling out the stupid, real time in front of our eyes. I’ve been mulling this one for the past while. Are we seeing evolution real time? Clueless smart people who are incapable of addressing the Giant Turd Balls (+ extras like a Pandemic) coming will be the first to go down in any difficult time. Are those left standing…those that prepared and are emotionally resilient to go on, in effect the strong? The system eliminates those that can’t look ahead? With all the warnings?

When the Giant Turd Balls (GTB) comes rolling down their street, they (clueless smart people) will run out of the way (to where?). Until then, ehh. Hopefully their smartphone will solve all. I’m sure there’s an app for that.

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