Jan 8, 2020

“If you’re younger than sixty, you have a good chance of witnessing the radical destabilization of life on Earth — massive crop failures, apocalyptic fires, imploding economies, epic flooding, hundreds of millions of refugees fleeing regions made uninhabitable by extreme heat or permanent drought. If you’re under thirty, you’re all but guaranteed to witness it.~ Jonathan Franzen

Allow me to add, ” and extremely antagonistic behaviour between most countries

The majority of the links on here are US centred. Before I go on a tirade against the US, let me say I’ve lived there, go there quite regularly and have many great friends. Its their government that SUCKS. That makes it even harder to digest. Its like a different country down there.

Most of the worlds current issues (think Giant Turdballs) are due to US policy disguised as US culture, exported to the world at the end of a bayonet (now drone strike) or the financial equivalent – some form of moneyed blackmail. US policy being pushed (ahem) by the over 900 bases placed strategically around the world. It doesn’t absolve the rest of us however. We all wanted the alleged good life on display. We all hid our revulsion at the goings on if it raised our GDP (and we do the same with China). Naysayers were shut down as irrelevant.

I lived in the US for about 4 yrs. Went down in October after 9/11. Its hard to recreate the feeling of a naive Canadian guy walking thru the airport watching in disbelief the Amy dudes in fatigues, armed to the teeth. (it was obvious to me back then that US actions, regime change worldwide, had created this monster). And then I had to listen as Americans bemoaned the fact that other peoples didn’t like them… in fact actually hated them. ‘Cause average Americans actually thought that they were loved for all the wonders of bringing jamming democracy and TV down the throats of 3rd world countries.

I used to say when I travelled the Caribbean and Central America I didn’t want to be in places where armed security walked the streets. And soul selling fella I was, I stuck it out for my better good ($$$$$.) Another image indelibly burned into my head is that of my first NASCAR race. Nothing says come’on lets party like a giant US bomber screaming overhead, turning at a 45 degree angle, at full burn. Support the troops!

I sat and watched, read what I could at the continuing brainwashing, as the US gov rationalized attacking Iraq. (BTW it was all about the oil). Smarter people than me were writing back then… don’t do it it will be a shit show. Well guess what? its even worse than the worst predictions offered. And best yet, it has been proven to be an absolute steaming truckload of horse excrement (read about the Pentagon Papers people!!!). Pretty much a narrative perpetuated by government and military leaders and their bought and paid for media corporations ( I believe that could be the other way round).

I had a American friend that would refer to me as, “my socialist friend from Canada”. We had lots of discussion about this until one day I was invited to a diner at his house and walked into a living room with a 60″ TV displaying proudly Bill O Reilly and his pontificating bullshit. My friend called me over to the couch and said excitedly, ” Watch this, he’s great!” I watched for about 5 minutes quietly and then asked,” Is this for real??” Because I thought it was satire! And thus began my understanding that, yes Dorothy, I’m not in Kansas anymore.

And here we go again. More lies, more distortion of truth, more complacent make america great again mindless Idjuts victory dancing as if they did something real.

America the exceptional has dragged out more wars, destroyed more countries and their governments, and displaced more people that any (add the top 5 perps internationally and they don’t meet the US ability to sow destruction). The US are the foot draggers on climate change, they are now disrupting all international allies with threats and intimidation, and generally are the proverbial giant raging bull in the china shop. And the rest of us, too afraid that saying anything out loud would disrupt our own GDP aspirations, stay silent.

The USA government is motivated by one thing. Profit. All western countries are complicit, and will each get what they deserve.

Now we watch the unraveling of the Excited States, as the election year kicks into gear, and the world crosses their fingers hoping for a return to some form of sanity. Which simply translates to please don’t start another war. We couldn’t dare wish for more.


  1.  Heres a great podcast by a human force of nature Dr. Zach Bush, discussing the state of our food system and ideas to solve it. If you don’t/can’t use Castbox, search in your favourite podcast player for Tractor Time, # 37.
  2. Who Started it? by Major Danny Sjursen. Tag this as Progress, as in from the past, as in history, as in how the great war machine became focused on Iran. (its about the oil). Goes back to the 1940’s when the USA government, via the CIA, overthrew a government to get their oil. Sound familiar? Oh and now they are terrorists.

Climate Crisis (ecocide)

  1.  Love the Land or Watch it Die. by Michael Yates
  2. Savage tick-clone armies are sucking cows to death. by Beth Mole

Biosphere (collapse)

  1.  Humanity can’t recycle its way out of consumption problems. by Valerie Vande Panne
  2. Urgent New Roadmap to Recovery could reverse insect Apocalypse. by Patrick Greenfield


  1.  Harvesting the Blood of Americas Poor. by Alan MacLeod. Regarding both these articles. Is it necessary to say that a country whose military budget is the same size as their next 7 or 8 rivals (combined), then adds another 50 or so Billion$ to it this year, shouldn’t be treating their own people this way? Oh I get it now, its ’cause they won’t get a job and lazy leeches deserve what they get.
  2. Americans Dying Because they can’t Afford Health Care. by Michael Sainato. Richest country in world, most $$ spent on health care per capita, 27th in the world in health outcome for its people. Really! Pretty tough armed forces tho. But wait. This is a good one. 10 times more spent on its military, whats it actually won ? against Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq, Afganistan and more? beat up the 20 members of the Panamanian Army tho. Hot Damn!

Society (ills)

  1.  Population. The Elephant in the Room. by Paul Cherfuka. Until we start to deal with this all bets are off. Try this next dinner party, “The only way we have any hope of staying ahead of the Emerging Mega Trends aka Giganto Turdballs is through population control”. See if you get an invite back.

Wrap it up….please

  1.  American History for Truthdiggers: Original Sin. I started reading Danny Sjursen a while ago on Truthdig.com. He’s ex American soldier, historian and now writer. He’s done a commendable job writing a US centric history lesson of the the US from the beginning. Bottom line: The US is not exceptional, its just a bully, that lies through it’s teeth to cover extremely nasty actions. Kinda like The Orange Godfather. If every American was made to read this it would have a profound change in their understanding of where they stand in the world. But since it’s basically 37 chapters, nah.
  2. Here is # 2 in the series. Roots in Religious Zealotry. Its a little difficult to follow the article trail from # 1,
  3. Last but not least. A gentle reminder, ok, reminder. It was a free for all

Stay resilient people! This current noise stream is just that. Noise. Stay resilient by looking after yourself and engaging the rot in our leaders.

I choose now to clear my head and take a walk in the woods in -20. Celsius for you who live in one of the two countries in the world not using the metric system.

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