Jan 5, 2020

Happy New Year. I had trouble with even saying this out load this festive season. Seemed kinda trite. I was going to make a list of the more interesting summations of 2019 and projections for 2020. Then end with a opinion that 2020 would be a turning point of sorts, with Social Chaos at the fore, following in a dead heat by Financial Collapse and Peak Oil. (won’t need to worry about Climate Chrisis as that’s 10 years away). But it looks like the Grande Orangutan has ratcheted up the doomsday clock as a means of taking a bit of heat off. Its going to be hard to deal with the Mega Trends once we are firing at one another.

This angst that we all feel is directly proportional to the uselessness of any leader anywhere to address real issues vs staying in power issues. Is there need for any more proof that the corporatization of our worlds leading governments is complete? Any partially sane institution would actually try to do something in the face of extinction…wouldn’t they? The more powerful the nation, the more dangerous the leader. Pick any one. Maybe that’s a clue as to the worthiness of those who “lead” us: if you want a go at leading this ongoing shitshow, I don’t think we want you.

We are becoming more scared, more angry, more determined to keep out stuff. And our leaders are more unworthy, more decadent, more power crazed than ever. And then there is us, we the Sheeple. I had some more conversations with people I care about- more denial that catastrophic change is imminent. More business as usual. And remember I’ve been hammering away at them for close to 10 years. Crickets.

I’ve resigned myself to the fact that we humans are not getting out of this. (A few might, likely wont have iPhones tho). There is no way that business as usual will help us get to the fundamental changes we need going forward if the basic core of Sheeple don’t see any pressing need to firmly place our leaders feet to the fire, up to their balls as its not women leading this. When the wake up does happen it will only exacerbate the whinging from Sheeple who want Gov to bail them out. And one can only imagine the thinking of the leaders at that time. We have card carrying wack jobs at the helm today…. in the good times (if you’re a billionaire). My minds boggles at the leaders coming. Some sort of cross between Trump/Doug Ford/ Idi Amin/John Bolton?

I’ve tried to stay away from politics and stay focused on policy. Its been hard. I even thought about having a new category .. War. War wasn’t on the Mega Trends table as it would distract from the issues and make solving them even harder. And what sort of insane population would go to war when the planets burning??? However it’s hardwired into humans (especially the USA for past 50 years). Other countries have taken note. I will keep War under Social Chaos for now. And war is part of Social Chaos when coming up with real ideas can’t/won’t work. Its important to understand that as tensions increase so does the chest thumping. I truly think that the benefit the American public has been blessed with is that they have only felt their opponents wrath once. Its easy to cheer on the boys at a NASCAR race or NFL game. You’ll have some serious reservations when its on your street. And 50 or so years of crapping in the worlds cereal box has created a vast network of really pissed of people. Countries that want to not have to deal with the US dollar ( think Rusia, China, India, Turkey) , countries forming alliance with anybody but the US (think Rusia, China, India, Germany). Countries that have a generational hatred of the US (think Palestine, Iran, Iraq, Afganistan, most of South America, Central America. There are a lot. Tough to fight everybody in the room (Earth) even when you have the military muscle the US has. There will be a piling on like you can’t imagine once a crack in the facade is seen. Might be a good time to try diplomacy rather than Mafiosa tactics.

Continue making your life resilient. Use less energy, grow more food, buy less stuff, connect with like minded people who will help and most importantly grab hold of those precious moments while you can.

People only accept change when they are faced with necessity, and only recognize necessity when a crisis is upon them.” ~ Jean Monnett

2020 will usher in more unknown changes. Stay resilient!


  1.  Year in Review – (Dave Barry). OK one review. I’m trying to present this article a little differently, rather than a link to the original, a link to an article storage app (Pocket).

Climate Crisis (ecocide)

  1.  Slow Burn. (Inside Story) I await the Aussie riots.

Biosphere (collapse)

  1.   Lethal Algae Blooms (Guardian) At some point those that are still standing will be eating algae, the only thing left.

“…I reiterated our commitment to de-escalation
~ Secretary Captain Commander Double Speak Pompeo, Jan 3, 2020

The 800 lb Orange Gorilla did it. Its very difficult staying away from the usual slagging of an inept mind and his bag people but WTF?! This whole Iran thing is total delusion. We knew this was going badly when the nuclear treaty was ripped up, inhuman sanctions put in place, when the Iranian army was branded terrorists and now this? And Iran has proven that they can bloody a nose or two (think drone strike to Saudi oil fields)

I am of the mind that a country should deal with its own internal affairs and resit the urge to meddle with other countries. OK, I’m Canadian. But to watch the hypocrasy of the US government as this unravels is truly astounding. The difference is that today we get to watch it unfold in real time. You had to dig a little (think Noam Chomsky) to find out the nefarious tricks that the US and Israel were up to in the past.

Change this story a bit and see how it would go if the US was the agrieved party. Lets imagine for a minute that a US general was taken out with a couple of Brits or French officers at his side. I’m thinking not so well. The good news is that there are voices of sanity out there. Speaking very loudly against this travesty. I don’t see that they can slow the US Military Industrial Machine ( Deep State greedy mofos) much. Keeping hopeful that before this escalates cooler heads prevail.

Society (ills)

  1. US Doubles down on its Saudi Allegiance (Craig Murray)
  2. Trumps Point of No Return. (Tom Luongo)
  3. A Dubious Official Story. (Whitney Webb)
  4. War with Iran. (Chris Hedges)
  5. Is Donald Trump the Second 9/11? (Tom Englehart)

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