Aug 21, 2019

“… It is too late for any emissions reductions to avoid catastrophic climate change. But I think it’s important to stop and think about what it means to be too late, because what it means is we are committed to a period of very intense change, probably more intense than our civilization has ever seen. And to me that makes activism more important than ever. If we are going to have to navigate through this period of intense change, it really matters who is steering the ship.„ ” ~ Tim DeChristopher (2013)

Its getting crazy out there. Most eyes glued to the financial markets. Couple of other things of a more significant nature, but we have to stay locked in on the idiot box listening to Idjuts tell us not to worry. We could not afford a serious lack of faith in our monetary system could we? Most eyes of my generation locked in on their retirement and making sure they get the most $$$ so they can play on like they’re important. “Gotta get mine just in case all this doom shite is real, then I’ll buy myself some security, and play golf”

And in the mean time I’m thinking there are a number of countries and people who are further ahead on the unravelling of the reality bubble and realize just how far into the manure pile we’ve landed. Resources are slimming. A lot of jockeying amongst players in the Planet Earth for Myself game. Tensions all around. These are the good times right? Everything cooking along nicely. But we can’t solve a planetary Climate Crisis whilst we snuggle in the proverbial honey pot? The be$t of time$!??

How do you think it will go when the next large unwanted bag of Excrement gets tossed in humanities face.

We should be looking at environment, energy, food, people and figure out how we are all going to get along and fight these gigantic turdballs coming our way. But its all about a couple important points that don’t get enough attention:

  • Corporations do not care about people or planet – only profit. And Corporations are in control of most of the countries of the world.
  • There are simply too many people struggling for a smaller piece of the pie (planet Earth).

Until we wrest control from the Corporations to people, we will never solve any of the Emerging Megatrends. But how do we do that? I don’t know. Read a lot of crazy shit – filter it down to the ones that make some sense. (I’m working on this one).

Start with a few of these: pay attention to whats going on, become an activist (however you define it), make a small change in an area you care about, vote smartly.

Learn up on politics, understand corporatization, environment, food, wilderness, growing food, anything that is important to your future. Get off your ass. Get outside. Talk it up.

Couldn’t resit a double cartoon day when I saw this.


8 Essential Steps to Radically Transform our Economy . Basically the triple bottom line ( accounting framework with three parts: social, environmental (or ecological) and financial.) fleshed out.

Its hard to imagine how we get there. But show me anybody who has a plan. Lets look at it closely. Then pick it apart for the gems, and lets start discussing it, how it impacts us and how we can implement the better ideas…. Rationally people, rationally.

Climate Crisis (ecocide)

  1. July hottest month on record….in the world.
  2. CO2 Emissions highest ever.
  3. Deniers get more airtime than scientists. WTF?
  4. Its looking worse than we think. Scientists were too conservative in there analysis.
  5. The Joy of Summer is Fading Fast. Warmer nights is a relatively new noticeable trend.

Biosphere (collapse)

  1. Vegetative plant cover is shrinking (dying)
  2. Half a billion bees die in Brazil. Couldn’t be related to pesticide use.
  3. Forest Fires everywhere

Peak Oil/Energy

  1. Shale oil boom about to go bust. All it did is buy us a little time. Shale oils companies aren’t profitable, never have been and they have borrowed 100’s of billions dollars. There should be a line up for the horsewhipping.

Financial (roller coaster)

  1. Trucking Bloodbath. More of the same indicators from the auto industry. Cars, trucks, RV’s all struggling to perpetuate infinite growth. And as they struggle the tentacles of their slowing down permeate the economies of the world.
  2. How Negative Interest rates Screw up an Economy. Big surprise on this one.
  3. The Battle of the “Flations has begun. All out crazy ploys by Them-That’s-in-Charge to keep the status quo as long as possible.


  1. One Quarter of the world faces extreme water shortages. Probably best not to consider which ones have nukes.
  2. Anti biotics are failing. This is …..huge.

Society (ills)

  1. Plastic, Plastic, Everywhere by Kurt Cobb

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One thought on “Aug 21, 2019”

  1. Hey Vern, lots of reading here…. some absolutely infuriating – like the fucking pesticide use in Brazil and 1/2 billion bees dead since January (as well as 15,000+ cases of human pesticide sickness, likely more unreported ) because 18% of economy depends on it, rise in glyphosate use – SHHHHIIITTT I will not spend a dime on anything from Brazil again. Interesting article on vegetative plant cover. Hottest month on record – including those looooonnnngg summer nights. and likely conservative estimates by climate scientists which is sorta understandable but frightening as hell. Even in their conservative view – ya got yer deniers. Kurt Cobb’s article – simple, smart, concise – funny as hell and friggin scary. Tim DeChristopher – cool/smart dude. “Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul; Principled action is the salvation of the soul.” got overloaded – haven’t read all – still need to brave oil and financial articles….need a beer for those. V


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