June 29, 2019

The Internet of Shit Song

“I selectively avoid, resist, and sometimes grouse out loud about, the excess electronification and computerization of what I do and try to do in my ordinary life. However, that stance may not matter as the IOT (Internet of Things) expands past my preferences and is increasingly force-fed on me. “~Chris Kuykendall

Today’s’ readings:


  1. Deep-sea mining to turn oceans into ‘new industrial frontier’. After we’ve dredged the ocean floors, mined the Arctic, downed the last tree, killed the last elephant, what then? Talk about population limits? Change our ways to something more sustainable?, kiss our ass goodbye???

Climate Crisis

  1. CO2 Emissions Reached an All-Time High in 2018 . But, didn’t we all agree to stop this?
  2. The Arctic Ocean and Greenland ice sheet have seen record June ice loss.


  1. Small business shedding jobs.


  1. Spike In Autism May Be Linked To Preservative In Processed Foods There are simply so many new chemicals being used in our daily lives that it is impossible for Them-Thats-in-Charge to study them all. When new chemicals mix with old chemicals and the toxic soup that surrounds us in our air and water and food is consumed over time…..who knows. My guess is its not good. Filter your water, eat organic, stop breathing.

Peak Oil/Energy

  1. Fracking creates a mountain of Debt. If you were to apply certain Capitalist criteria against the Fracking industry it is a failure of epic proportions. Not Fucking Profitable! Yes it has produced oil and gas. But the cost will be one of the factors in the demise of the US economy. Funded by junk bonds to the tune of nearly 3/4 of a trillion dollar$ that will not be paid back. Funders are now reluctant to keep pouring money in, growth is being stymied, its circling the toilet. It also happens to be grossly polluting, destroying water sheds, bankrupting local government… its a sham and has been for 10 years.
  2. Shale oil and gas: Destroying capital one well at a time

Society (ills)

  1. How US Meddling in Central America Created the Modern Day Border Crisis. Sam Bee nails this. Tho the same could be said for the Middle East, Africa, SE Asia….. Under the pretense of American “Interests”, there has been TomFuckery in the form of US involvement in coups, military aid, backing of corrupt dictators, assasination and general nasty shit going back 100 years. Don’t forget all out war, country collapse, blah blah. And then you have refugees trying to escape the shit hole their country has become…. to be locked into refugee camps. Seems fair.
  2. Flying more than twice as damaging to climate than previously thought. Really.
  3. Step Away from the 24-Hour News Cycle. ‘cept I can’t, the Worlds burning.


  1. Hope. I am totally impressed with these gals fearlessness. When you read the shite that gets thrown their way, even more so.

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