June 20, 2019

Big day in the markets today. All the pundits chirping. Gold almost pounding thru the mythical $1400 ceiling. Apparently people are a tad concerned at Prezzie Trump’s Middle East/China strategies. One can almost hear the toilet bowl swirling. Or is merely the hand going towards the handle?

Today’s reading.

B. Climate Change

  1. Dear Journalists of Canada: Start Reporting Climate Change as an Emergency. City of Guelph just voted down using the word Climate Crisis. Something that in a little over a decade will have deadly consequences for the entire worlds population isn’t a crisis??? The only reason not to call it a crisis is because to do so would then mean that you might have to do something about it. And that would cost money. Its about time we redefined this type of leadership to mean, Fucking Asshole Cowards. (FACs)
  2. And following on the above note. Canadians are worried about climate change, but many don’t want to pay taxes to fight it: Poll. Its going to cost a lot of money now. Far more in the future. And a huge lifestyle shift. Get over it. Pull up you adult pants and face up to that fact. Or pass on to the next generations to fix whilst you seek that retirement you so richly deserve.
  3. Indias 6th largest city runs out of water. Its only 9.1 million people…no worries.
  4. Himalayan glaciers melting twice as fast

C. Finance

  1. Square Minus Zero by Raúl Ilargi Meijer
  2. The China Battle has Just Started.

F. Society.

Society isn’t a MegaTrend, its just what is happening whilst the effects of the trends unravel……or consider it our stupidity on display.

  1. China is harvesting organs from detainees. And yet, we fall over backwards to appease this country so we can do business with them. We listen to the Chinese government tell us how to behave, when they are amongst the lowest of the low in there treatment of their own citizens, who are a brainwashed, surveiled, socially controlled culture. If this relationship doesn’t expose the hypocrisy of capitalism I don’t know what does. We have stuff they want-RESOURCES. We should blacklist this government and send them nothing, kick them out of our country and turn our backs on them till they change. ( which they will not do). Oh, and while we are at it lets close the door on Saudi Arabia.
  2. China: The Perfect High-Tech Totalitarian State
  3. The Omnipresent Surveillance State. This is horrifying. Its out in the open. However the shenanigans going on in the Excited States are not quite so evident, yet. I guess it would never happen here cause we live in a democracy.
  4. I know which country the US will invade next. by Lee Camp
  5. Remember the Maine. There’s something fishy going on in the Middle East. (again, still, now)
  6. Dimitry Orlov says.. Always a good read, tho sometimes disturbing. This fella gives good out of the box thinking.

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