June 16, 2019

Today’s readings:

We sit atop the chair of four legs: Peak Oil, Climate Change, Financial Collapse, Biosphere Collapse. All 4 are unprecedented in human history. Each of these “legs” has the ability to upend civilization/life as we know it.

All these storm clouds are quickly approaching if not surrounding us now. I see Peak Oil as the short term smackdown. Once we get to the point of not being able to suck enough oil out of the ground, economies will shrink. This will make it impossible to fund any climate mitigation or any other far reaching survival strategies. And then the social chaos ensues, from the needs and fears of peoples who demand from their governments a fix. And then all bets are off.

Just sayin’

Climate Chaos

  1. The Permafrost Nightmare Turns (More) Real
  2. The Arctic Ocean and Greenland ice sheet have seen record June ice loss


  1. The state of Canadian debt slaves. by Wolf Richter
  2. The US Fed is pushing on a string.
  3. Market Mayhem is Due to Truly Perfect Storm for 2019 Recession. I’ve been saying this for far too long… Get out of the Market.


  1. The FDA found PFAS chemicals in some foods and milk. There are countless poisons in the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe.  Testing only looks for chemicals on a Govt list made years ago. We don’t know how these chemicals mix and the results. Eat organic (better yet grow your own or find people you trust who do) and filter your water. Be aware!
  2. The biggest animal disease outbreak we’ve ever had on the planet has already killed millions and there is no way to stop it.  This is very bad, we’re not paying a lot of attention to this, but our hog farmers are. We are going to need a Farmer Bailout Ministry ; floods, droughts, tariffs, disease….

Peak Oil/Energy

  1. Oil, population, temperature, What causes what?


  1. Pretty Boy rides again. Under the guise of caring. Billion Dollar Buyout by The Council of Canadians. Here’s something to get involved in. Start with the petition.
  2. Cruise ships are huge emittors of pollution. ..(but, I have earned the right to travel.)
  3. Word-of-the-Day: Reality Apathy. Misinformation researchers warn of growing “reality apathy” whereby it takes so much effort to distinguish between what’s real and fake that we simply give up and rely on our base instincts, tribal biases, impulses. Immersed in our leader’s deceits, we come to believe in nothing.
  4. Visualizing The Father-Absence Crisis In America.  Happy Fathers day to some.

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One thought on “June 16, 2019”

  1. Hey Vern, great financial articles – oh god we are in for a ride….. I tried to open Artic Ocean article but couldn’t – need to subscribe to Washington Post first. Food – that is gonna be a big problem along with all the others. Yes – Dad’s rock!! there presence is huuuuuge factor in children’s lives. Mine are proof of that. V


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