June 14, 2019

Todays’ readings:

Climate Chaos

  1. John Oliver re New Green Deal. And a pretty good explanation of carbon pricing. Someone please forward to Bumblefuck Premieres Kenney and Ford.
  2. NASA says….


  1. Its an ongoing clusterfuck of denial. The midwest farming zone of the US is in grave peril.  Imagine this happening in another of our worlds breadbaskets. Oh yeah, its been getting worse everywhere.
  2. GMOs? What could possibly go wrong? Human kind (smarter than the average ecosystem) is making new life forms.
  3. 5G networks….bad. Here’s the scientists form
  4. Plastics, my boy plastics…. 


  1. Its that travel thing again. Better get used to it.
  2. Can you say Antibiotic overuse is bad?? Think about no effective solution to infection.

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