June 5, 2019 – Do Something!

What to do about climate change, biosphere collapse??

First get engaged. Start to read about the organziations doing something along the lines of what you are comfortable  with. Sign their petitions. Throw them a few dollars. Make a noise! Question those assholes (some are actually not A-holes. Find out who they are) who will be running for office this fall.

All of the links below are to organizations that are actively trying to help our world.

There are other place for those that are still struggling with the Climate Chrisis concept here. There could be more.

Todays’ readings:


  1. Prepare to protest.
  2. Look at the New Green Deal.
  3. Council of Canadians – tell Nestle to piss off  They’ve had a free ride for far too long. And yes consider a donation to Council of Canadians.
  4. Stop the Billion dollar Buyout – more Bullshit double speak from Pretty Boy (aka J.Trudeau). Lets stop him spending our money for his warped environmental program.
  5. Bill and Co. 350.org
  6. Look at the Green Party of Ontario. Compare them to the Buck-a-Beer-Premiere and his gang of reprobates.


  1. There is hope! Become a priest of the Ásatrú Association.

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2 thoughts on “June 5, 2019 – Do Something!”

  1. I like the Iceland story.. and belief in elves. .. we will need some mythical creatures to bail is out of this mess!


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