June 4, 2109 – Act like an Adult

For years, many people of my age denied there was a problem. They denied that climate breakdown was happening. They denied that extinction was happening. They denied that the world’s living systems were collapsing.

They denied all this because accepting it meant questioning everything they believed to be good. If the science was right, their car could not be right. If the science was right, their foreign holiday could not be right. Economic growth, rising consumption, the entire system they had been brought up to believe was right had to be wrong. It was easier to pretend that the science was wrong and their lives were right than to accept that the science was right and their lives were wrong.”

~ George Monbiot

I’ve been struggling of late with the why of this blog. Mostly why am I doing it?  I just needed to ruminate a bit. (turned out to be longer than I thought). I still kept reading, reviewing,  just didn’t post.

You could say I’m back… with a vengeance.

I’m doing this blog and other things so as to prepare folks for whats coming. And its the shit. Really.

First we need to understand the dire state. Then we can deal with what we can do about it.

But no one really believes it is really that bad. Oh yeah, there are a few people suffering some angst over the shape our planets in, the systematic decay in our normal social way of things. But not enough to change, to make radical differences, that prep our kids. Mostly I see life going on as usual, bitching about having less, but continuing to grab as much of the good life as they can get: new bigger gas sucking vehicles, plane trips all around, destination weddings, more shiny stuff and a fascination/obsession with their retirement funds. Lets have a reality check people. And if you are one of them, middle aged or older, fuck you. This blog will mean nothing to you. Carry on till you can’t.

What will you say to your grandchildren? …. by Jeremy Lent

So Gramps?, “How long did you know about this mess you and your generation(s) created?!

…and what did you do about it?!

Why not?!”

“…You mean it basically came down to, you wanted YOUR FUCKING STUFF?!?!?”

Insert kick in the cojones here. Or worse.


Grow up, act like an adult!

  1. No more excuses.  by George Monbiot
  2. Living with integrity. (excellent podcast by Chris Martenson)
  3. How to grow the fuck up. by Mark Manson

I recommend using Castbox for podcast listening. Download the app and take these talks with you.

The link above (#2) will take you to the site so you can listen. Castbox has better player options. Its free, it works. It will allow you to listen to all sorts of interesting things.

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Unfortunately, no one can be…told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself. This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember: all I'm offering is the truth. Nothing more. . ..Follow me.

5 thoughts on “June 4, 2109 – Act like an Adult”

  1. John Oliver had an excellent commentary on the new green deal, featuring Bill Nie, the science guy.. who basically said the same thing.. grow the fuck up.. we have a real problem ahead of us. I appreciate your willingness to act with temerity. Keep blogging, talking, encouraging. . And acting.


    1. Already in the pipe for tomorrow. I felt it was unkind to hammer the unthinking with 2 blows to the head in one post. Thanks for the note and keep’m coming.
      As to the article. Don’t you find it interesting that these commentaries are coming from around the world, from different types of people and now? Couldn’t happen sooner.


  2. After a fair amount of research on my own, I’m afraid I may be, marginally, one of your un-believers. I say marginally because, while I see climate issues, I think that the human portion of the fuckup is actually more localised. Yes, we waaaaaay overdo it on the material life stuff. Fortunately, that is pretty unattractive to my nature to begin with, so leaving all that behind was a breeze. I’m still irritated as hell by the mess left all around us – people being so throw-away minded, and so incredibly superficial with their status STUFF.

    But here’s the thing, Keith. There have been, and continue to be much much bigger earth cataclysms than humans could ever hope to rival, so I don’t see our idiocy being much of a player in that realm. Unless some numbnuts decided to explode all the nuclear (oops, should I have said “nucular”?) devices in the world, I’m thinking that tectonic life far outweighs us.

    As for humans making a meal of their own asses on a daily basis, yep. I’m with you there. Humans worldwide have been being such monumental shits to each other for so long, everybody seems to think being an ass is normal. I’m over it. I don’t come off my mountain often, but when I do, I’m appalled by the idiocy around me….

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    1. I don’t see the purpose of this blog as a climate change issue. Its all the issues that I affectionately refer to as emerging mega trends. I’m with you on the human stupidity issue, I guess if there is an underlying thread its that. The world as we know it will shortly be unfit for humans. Climate change is one of the reasons. You also have to factor in biosphere collapse which is in addition to climate, pollution in water air and soil, collapse of the natural order, insects for one. So the water we drink, the air we breathe, the food we eat, poisonous to us. Again human stupidity.
      But wait there is more – Peak Oil. Haven’t been addressing that one. I think its bigger than climate. It will have a more immediate impact to you and I.
      I’m not writing this for you and I. I have given up on my peer group. I am writing this for your kids, my friends kids, my siblings kids and their kids. They will not have the world we live in now.
      I believe catastrophic human loss of life is coming. Which won’t be a bad thing for the planet. Will suck for them.
      I skirt around the nuke issue cause that’s the wild card that is impossible to factor in. One has only to watch Bolton, Pompeo et al. to be concerned.
      I would be interested in your research re the human portion of localized climate​. Pls send me anything you think would be eye opening on any subject.


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