March 29, 2019

Todays’ readings:


  1. The Real New Deal We simply can’t convert our consumerist, rabid consumption lifestyle and convert to a green economy, and carry on as usual. It won’t work.
  2. Widespread losses of pollinating insects revealed across Britain Wouldn’t it be a shame if we lost most of our pollinating insects????? This has been in the news for a couple years and evident by anyone who drives in the summer (think how many times you had to scrape your windshield?) for the past 15. Insects in general are on a massive decline.

Climate Chaos

  1. Coal and NAtural Gas Demand Hits all Time Record High in 2018  …..bu, bu, but I thought we had agreed to lower fossil fuel use???….. Can’t, no one wants to.
  2. Is It Cruel to Have Kids in the Era of Climate Change?  Yes, in general. If you had no idea it was this bad, No


  1. China Can’t Stop Whats Coming
  2. Italy Defies West As It Officially Joins China’s “Neocolonial Project”  Is this another nail in the EU? Its definately a gob of spittle lobbed towards the US. And it expands the Chinese blob as it attempts to wrap up half the world in its embrace (I’m picturing a 50 ft Anaconda wrapped tight around a rabbit). Or we just wait and see how Chinas’ financial system unwravels, or not.


  1. Goodbye to the Internet: Interference by Governments Is Already Here
  2. The new Grand Strategy of the United States Everyone has a plan. It doesn’t involve sharing
  3. An Iran-Syria ‘Belt & Road’: A Far-Reaching Geopolitical Strategy Unfolds. As the US position high atop the world as Only Superpower erodes there are forces swirling to kick it off its perch: US foreign policy as a whole has alienated any country thought of as allies (NATO), the development of an alternate currency to get rid of US dollar oil buys, jockeying in the Middle East, staking ground on resources, and so on. And when the bully finally sees how its alienated the world for the past 70 yrs, What? Walkaway? Go back to diplomacy? Stick to its own knitting? Me thinks not.
  4. The War on Venezuela is Built on Lies
  5. The School Shooters of the Planet |


Who made drones a thing in conflict?.. Obama. What is keeping the hatred of all things US alive throughout conflict areas… the ongoing drive by the US military to use drones in combat. There will be a day soon where this will be uncontainable. At home.

  1. The Kalashnikov assault rifle changed the world. Now there’s a Kalashnikov kamikaze drone. Not sure this is actually progress, but it will upset the apple cart.
  2. Russia Develops Shotgun Drone To Combat Drone Attacks 

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