March 27, 2019


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This is not an elitist issue’: AOC on Republican inaction on climate change We need lots more of this!!!!!!

Todays’ readings:


  1. Saudi Arabia Using 140-Year-Old Loophole To Soak Up California’s Scarce Water Supply The worlds rich countries are taking resources from the poorer ones. Chinas doing it in Africa, there’s a bunch salivating over Venezuela, Canada’s mining industry is doing it around the world. All for $$$, all with no regard to the local economies and people. How ironic that the Saudis’ are ramming it to the US.

Climate Chaos

  1. Heatwave melting NWT’s ice roads, ruining events Hmm, the grim result of ruining events is ruining the world.
  2. Mozambique floods cover more ground than NYC, Chicago, D.C., and Boston — combined A world class disaster.


  1. Climate Change Could Make Insurance Too Expensive for Most People Its hard to deny climate change when it directly effects your bottom line.


  1.  VIDEO  What are PFAS and why are people freaking out about them? Could it be that the miracle of chem tech is not so great? food+water poisoning could be is bad? Check out the links under Show More…


  1. Petro Politics and Trudeau’s Sordid Pipeline Deal This is old news, but a good article. There goes Pretty Boy, lying through his teeth yet again, all while mincing down the street with his colourful hightop socks, using his bazzoka of bullshit to smother his betrayal of Canada being a climate leader.


  1. Might?!? We Might Be Reaching ‘Peak Indifference’ on Climate Change 
  2. The Subtle Seduction of the ‘Warm’ in Global Warming I’ll refer to this as the 2Dogs scenario. In which someone who could know better, revels in the fine weather they are enjoying. Even tho it’s completely out of character for the region and directly links to Climate Chaos, but better. For now.
  3. America Has Forgotten the Warnings of FDR
  4. It’s official: Russiagate is this generation’s WMD .. and Main Steam Media, has failed yet again. There has been lots of push back over past 2 yrs on this from independent journalists. Remember journalists?


  1. In support of Cyclists Everywhere

oh Canada

  1. Harper, Serial Abuser of Power: The Evidence Compiled  Had to add this as Canada writhes thru the SNC-Lavalin scandal. Listening to Andrew Scheer pontificate purity is gagging. Liberals lies: election reform, climate leadership and committment to goals, balanced budget…….. Both Libs and Cons have sold the farm to corporate influence. As has most of the worlds governments. Time they were all ousted.

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