March 25, 2019

Pearls Before Swine Comic Strip for February 25, 2019

I`ve toyed with some layout changes. Not quite where I`d like it. So there will be more.

This post seems to be hung up on Military shenanigans, but thats what gotten on the radar over past couple days

Todays’ readings:

Climate Chaos

  1. Terrifying map shows all the parts of America that might soon flood. This is going to hurt farmers a lot, and city folks and everyone.
  2. How humans derailed the Earth’s climate in just 160 years This is a good refresher on Climate Change, a quick read.
  3. OK I`ll bite, what the hell is my Carbon Footprint.  Good opening article. More on this later.


  1. The Countries with the Most Monstrous Corporate Debt Pileups. Take pride Canada, we`re ahead of the US.
  2. State of the World’s Biggest Debt Slaves Again! We are ahead! Call me old school, but in spite of reading all I can on Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) I do not believe piling on debt in the expectation that it doesn`t really matter seems… lame. At some point, things will change and interest rates will cripple. We are in the midst of the longest bull run in history, and the debt keeps piling up. Aren`t we sposed to be saving now, in preparation for bad times ahead? How will this experiment turn out?


As the Emerging Mega-Trends come closer to our horizon, an important symptom on display is military provocations. This occurs as large powerful countries jockey for positions around resources. As tensions rise between neighbours, this will exacerbate in the future. There is a general unease around the world, among most people who are actually watching, as different countries military might is flexing. And who is in the middle of all of it… Bhutan?

  1. The Pentagon’s Bottomless Money Pit This is the reality. BTW this is written by Matt Taibbi, who is always worth a read.

  2. This article about the number of US clandestine operations should open your eyes.
  3. Is Beijing Losing Its Footing In South China Sea?  This US vs China thing is slowly simmering right here. It’s been happening since Obama, when the Chinese began building military islands in the middle of the South China Sea and claiming the whole region for themselves. And now with the ultra war hawks Pompeo and Bolton and Navarro firmly entrenched in the White House, seems to be coming out to the front. And lest we forget the un-crypting of the war criminal Peter Abrams. And then there is the US going after Iran in Middle East, North Korea and of course Venezuela. Lots of saber rattling. Gotta keep that Military Industrial Complex chugging along.
  4. Russian Troops, Aid Arrive In Venezuela After Delivering Red Line Warning To Trump…Speaking of Venezuela

  5. Marines Seize Pacific Island As Training For War With China   Consider this a gob of spittle lobbed in Chinas direction.

  6. Navy, Coast Guard Ships Provoke Beijing By Sailing Through Strait Of Taiwan More saber rattling

  7. Iraq: How We Were Lied into War Well actually we`ve been lied to for a while. Vietnam for instance. Probably time to get some independent thinking going.

Not enough time this post to take a look at Yemen, Golan Heights, or various parts of Africa.


  1. The Deep Adaptation Forum launches  Now that you`ve read Deep Adaptation here is a tool to followup on. I like the words. Lets see how it unravels.
  2. Under you are not alone, The rise of climate change anxiety

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